Shanghai Npack,Npack filler,Shanghai Npack automation Equipment,Npack

Shanghai Npack full name is shanghai Npack automation Equipment Co.,ltd, who is the only one owned the brand of Npack. 

Our expertise:
Shanghai Npack has more than 10 years experience on liquid bottling equipments, such as the piston filling machine, overflow filling machine, Liquid weighing filling machine, compact filling machine, also having bottle cap, labeling machine, etc.Mostly equipments application in the fields of Daily chemicals and Food industries, phamarceuticals.

Our Customer and market
During the past 10 years development, we exported our filling machine to more than 60 countries, and most of them were chosen by Europ, USA Canada and Australia customers. We are trusted by big brand company, such as the GSK, Kimberly Clark, unilever ect.

Our Goal and Value
Our goal is making the liquid filler to be quick, precise, intelligent and reliable. We try to make our Clients more productive,competitive,reduce packaging time and material waste.We aim to become the constant point of reference in the theory and practice of liquid filler, a new type of packing system, new type of service.NPACK is growing company that can builds customized automated liquid bottling solutions and Based on the continuous investment in R&D.npack is also the company that creates value of the success and shares the value with all our customers,empolyees.We try to  built a widespread sales network all over the world, and welcome to agence our equipments, cooperation.

Why choose us?
1.All the liquid bottling equipments were designed by Europ engineer and built in Shanghai CHina, low cost but high quality
2. CE,SGS, ISO certificated
3. URL list components
4. Proffessional team and much experience


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